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We go beyond conception to deliver creative solutions that work, not just on paper and on screen, but on people.

immaculate provide engaging, relevant, innovative strategies and memorable creative experiences that differentiate and position for success. We bring together creative excellence and clever thinking to empower businesses, brands, services, products and people through innovative, appropriate and inspiring communication that gets results.

Fundamental to this is our belief that communication is at the heart of every relationship. So whenever we help you communicate, we make certain that the experience felt by all is human, professional and inspiring – just like us.

what we do

For over 20 years we have been delivering line-bending design and marketing communications

We challenge assumptions to strengthen the output to develop creativity that brings clients success - All built upon foundations of solid business rationale. And building powerful communication requires a careful blend of skills and disciplines. We break ours down into four main areas; marketing, branding, print and digital.

how we work

how we work

We define, design and then deliver. This is the immaculate way

At immaculate, we explore every angle, every approach and every environment to maximise your customers’ sensory experiences and drive them to action – this is manifested in how we think, how we work, how we organise and how we implement. We define, design and then deliver – this is the immaculate way. And our years of experience has allowed us to develop proven ways of working to maximise the returns on our clients investment.

what we do

here are just a few of our people

  • Phil Staff


    Creative and New Business

    Phil started his career working for a large print and marketing group, designing for FMCG & Pharmaceutical products, working for clients such as: Harrods, Canon, Givenchy, GSK (then SKF & Glaxo), Johnson & Johnson, Tetley and Chanel to name a few. In 1994 he set up, Immaculate Conceptions, building the company up over 10 years, focusing on marketing for Pharmaceuticals, AV, IT, Property & Sports.

    Then at the beginning of 2004, re-branded as immaculate, building the business around the concept that creativity and innovation deliver measurable results, marketing excellence and Return on Investment for a wide range of clients, both in the UK and across the globe.

  • Paul Cutmore


    Creative and Client Services

    Paul cut his teeth working client side for large Plc’s - where he set up and ran internal creative, marketing & advertising facilities - before moving to the dark side with Saatchi & Saatchi working on accounts as diverse as The National Lottery, Mars, Berkeley Homes and Scottish Widows.

    In 2000 he was approached by Enterprise IG (now The Brand Union) to provide strategy and client services lead on major accounts including Virgin, Barclays, Sony and Vodafone. In his time there he was responsible for the creation of the new Vodafone brand identity and implemented its roll out to over 18 countries and became the global brand guardian.

  • Ian Morgan

    Scientific Director

    Ian obtained an honours degree in Biological Science from the University of Essex, UK in 1988. He then worked at Guy’s Hospital in London before jumping the fence to the pharmaceutical industry at Roche, followed by Wyeth and finally Eisai Europe medical affairs.

    In 1998, Ian moved again to the world of agencies, joining the international medical education agency where he worked on and directed a number of different projects over several therapeutic areas with a focus on gastroenterology, hepatology, virology and oncology. After a short time at Solaris Health as Managing Director, Ian formed immaculate's strategic partner company, 4C Consultants International, providing client-focused, flexible and realistic approach to scientific communications. In 2019, 4C became immaculate.

  • Katie Heavey

    Client Services Director

    Katie began her career in advertising where she soon progressed to the position of Account Manager, responsible for some of the companies key accounts. However looking for a marketing focused role, Katie joined a specialist financial marketing agency, where she was responsible for the marketing of structured products for accounts such as: Investec and Santander.

    In September 2010, Katie joined immaculate where she now works on a variety of different accounts and projects, ensuring that the ‘immaculate way’ on day to day processes are implemented to maintain the high quality of service we deliver to our clients.

  • Jacques Larsen

    Director / Senior Creative

    Jacques design flair was first utilised creating brand communications and packaging solutions for Johnson & Johnson and Mastermind Tobacco in South Africa, before making his move to the UK.

    Beam Global Design, brought Jacques to London where he designed and implemented advertising, branding and packaging collateral for likes of Jim Beam, Courvoisier and Tesco.

    Jacques joined immaculate looking to continue to nurture his existing talents and expand his knowledge of web design and digital media. The challenge of developing his creativity through digital mediums is something that he relished and has driven Jacques to be a valued member of the design team.

  • Iain Norman

    Director / Senior Creative

    It all began for Iain developing brand communications for the UK’s premier snowsport retailer, Snow+Rock. As a keen cyclist, snowboarder and climber, he also relished the opportunity to work in the mountains art directing photo-shoots across Europe.

    In 2004, Iain was approached by the Extreme Sports Channel to help launch their retail chain – where as design manager – he was responsible for the development and implementation of the brand. Utilising his creative skills in areas such as identity, digital, experiential, advertising, sales promotion and display. Following further design roles for brands such as Billabong and Nixon, Iain joined immaculate in 2006 and has been instrumental in developing and enhancing the traditional, digital and interactive services of the company.

  • Victoria Keown

    Director / Senior Creative

    Following her degree in Graphic Design Victoria began her career at digital and print design agency that shared her love for animals, she was soon personally responsible for the design of PETA’s Animal Times magazine, with its global membership of over 2 million readers.

    Other sectors worked on at that time included education, healthcare, not for profit and retail, where Victoria worked for clients like the Department of Health and the FPA (Family Planning Association.)

    Victoria joined Immaculate in April 2011 looking to develop her skills and further expand her digital creativity and experience.

  • Ben Hussenet


    Ben's devotion to all things techy has been the key to his web development career. Before immaculate, Ben took it upon himself to learn web development and system administration which included using a range of software and CMS’ including Wordpress.

    In 2014, after honing his skills with Toshiba and Experian, Ben became part the immaculate team and has contributed greatly to how immaculate deliver digital communications.

  • Sarah Hart

    Account Director

    After receiving her BSc in Business Management and working for The Walt Disney Company, Sarah joined a team at a local company to support its re-brand. This consisted of re-structuring the holding company offer and harmonising each offer within it. After almost three years of working in and leading the marketing team, Sarah decided to complete a life-long dream and travelled across Australia and Asia for four months.

    Upon her return, she undertook a marketing support role for a global airline where she worked on a variety of marketing activities. Sarah joined the Immaculate team in July 2017.

People work better when they can relate to each other, so at immaculate we build the kind of working relationships that are the most rewarding.

what our clients say about us

  • "You inspired me when we first met and you have inspired me each time we have met since."

  • "More immaculate than immaculate – these guys deliver the goods time after time after time!"

  • "Immaculate have done a brilliant job. You have understood our business, helped us to articulate our values and proposition and created a brand that works for us."

  • "I cannot thank you enough for all of your work. The clarity and direction you have brought to the team is already paying dividends for us."

  • "Immaculate are truly an excellent agency to work alongside and I cannot recommend working with them enough."

  • "I must say the work looks amazing and the feedback has been great. We are already see a change in business owing to your contribution. Thank you."

  • "When it comes to creativity, innovation and effective marketing solutions, immaculate win hands down!"

our work

We offer our clients thought leading strategic experiences and creative expertise to maximise their return on investment

Our award winning pedigree stands us out from the crowd. We are a full service agency and the diversity of our offer allows immaculate to partner clients to create one off communications, be it an identity, website or brochure to the delivery of a fully integrated through the line campaign.

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multiple sclerosis

solutions for older skin

Helping children and teens

accredited medical
education programme

UK’s leading
eye care group

world’s largest sports marketing business

straight talking property consultancy

life beyond allergy

The content here was created for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) only and contains both education and promotional material.

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we understand global markets

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We work across many market sectors for all kinds of clients, all around the world From global brands to one man bands, our clients will testify that whilst we engage on projects and get things done, we’re also fun to work with! We pride ourselves on the scope of our offer, the diversity of our markets and the reach of our expertise.

the perfect blend of strategy & creativity

clever thinking
engaging design
immaculate in 1 minute
Marketing | branding | print

Creative grown up strategies to educate youthful audiences

We created two variations of this patient pack, one for young children which included a height chart and stickers to encourage personalisation and engagement and one for teens which went into more detail on their condition. Both had clear sections for child/teen and separate information booklets for patients and carers.

strategy | branding | marketing | print | digital

product launch revolutionises the way in which multiple sclerosis is treated

We are tasked with launching a revolutionary new multiple sclerosis product into the UK marketplace by extending the global campaign across a variety of targeted marketing elements as well as launching the product internally.

We also helped to ensure future patients and nurse teams were equipped with the necessary materials ready for the introduction of the new product.

Purple Warriors
marketing | branding | print | digital

inspiring impaired soldiers by giving back their identity

It’s not often you get the chance to really make a difference to people’s lives. Purple Warriors does just that and works with impaired armed services personnel to make a positive impact to their rehabilitation

We were inspired by them and continue to be so. We hope that you will be too

marketing | print | digital

medical educational programme gets credited for IBD success

We wanted to create a platform to stimulate, engage and educate healthcare professionals to further support the quality of life for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The IBD Summit reached and surpassed all expectations.

Stallergenes Greer
marketing | branding | print | digital

Global brand created to make allergy history

The coming together of two major pharmaceutical brands to create the world’s largest allergy immunotherapy company was campaignable in itself. But not nearly as campaignable as the opportunity to help people live a lifetime free from allergy.

We wanted to harness the clients’ potential to make allergy history

marketing | branding | print | digital

straight talking communications builds property brand with gravitas

We developed a fresh, bold and cut through approach to present this companies services and personalities in a no nonsense way.

From now on when people ‘think about property with gravitas’ they’ll ‘Think Propitas’

marketing | branding | print | digital

Immaculate were appointed by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Europe to launch ‘Latuda’ their new option for the treatment of adults with schizophrenia developing a pharmaceutical strategy that brought HOPE to patients

The campaign was developed through engaging prescribers and by asking the professional healthcare audience what the key criteria in the communication of Latuda benefits were, and how it would be best to communicate them. Out of this research and testing it became apparent that ‘HOPE’ was the key to unlocking the essence of how we introduce Latuda and align it with the aspirations of both prescribers and patients.

HOPE created a message platform that allowed immaculate to deliver core messages that ran through all communications, from campaigning to education and internal launch.

Immaculate created a portfolio of marketing tools to aid in the awareness, education and sales of this new-to-market treatment. From traditional and digital advertising, e-detail aids, websites and film to events and meeting programmes. A series of printed and digital materials built upon the established creative concept was further developed for the European market. immaculate created new patient representatives and selected hard-hitting stories (based on real experiences and patients) to localise the campaign for the new region.

An interactive exhibition stand helped bring the science to life with augmented reality installations highlighting the effect of the design on the brand and body.

‘Remarkable. The best effort of its kind I have ever seen – Sunovion CEO

marketing | branding | print | digital

pharmaceutical nurtures relationships to drive revenues

We were asked to create strategies and communications for a wide portfolio of products in one therapy area for an older patient profile. To us it was obvious that unification under an umbrella brand would be the best solution.

marketing | branding | print | digital

celebrity campaign delivers through the line for healthcare

The strategy was clear. Your eyesight is precious so our main focus was to convince people that you can trust Optegra to look after yours.

how can we help you?

We're immaculate, we go beyond conception to deliver effective and engaging creative experiences built upon foundations of solid business rationale.

We apply sound methods, innovative techniques and meticulous consideration to everything we do. We explore every angle, every approach and every environment to maximise your customers’ sensory experiences and drive them to action.

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