The Canbury Gardens Dragon Boat challenge –

After weeks of mental, physical and dietary preparation The immaculates were at their peak ready for the big race day! (Yeah right!)

Over 50 teams set up camp on the River Thames in Kingston ready to do battle and raise as much money as they could for charity.

The 22 immaculates did enough to get through to the final and finished a respectable 6th on the day

Anyone want to join the team for next years race?

 Katie Baggott, Client Services Manager at immaculate comments:

‘Great day out for everyone and a lot of fun – Next year we want to win and raise even more money if we can. There is even a rumour that Paul and Phil might match the amount that we raise themselves’

This year immaculate chose the Royal Marsden Cancer Trust and are pleased to report that lot of well needed money was raised.

Dragon boats...beyond conception